Signature Healthcare Takes Care of Its Own with Compassion Fund

One of the unique things about Signature Healthcare is that stakeholders who work in any of the varied positions in the company are supported even in times of crisis. While most companies may express concern that an employee is experiencing extreme hardship, Signature has gone the extra mile by setting up this not-for-profit corporation. Signature stakeholders can make a payroll deduction or a one-time contribution into the fund, which is then available for someone who qualifies for help. Applicants normally go through their facility chaplain to put an application together and get it submitted. All applications are then considered by the fund’s committee and awarded as appropriate. While not all applications are approved and funded, Signature Healthcare of Warren has received approvals for applicants over the last four years totaling over $30,000. While the need is great, the Compassion Fund is also in need of donations in order for future applications to be funded. Signature Healthcare of Warren is currently encouraging all stakeholders to set up as they are able a payroll deduction to the fund. This unique aspect of Signature Healthcare is but one of several reasons that stakeholders know their fellow coworkers have their back.