Residents of SHC of Warren Bless Stakeholder’s Children

The day was filled with blessings. The facility was filled with cries and squeals of infants. Hearts of the residents were filled with joy and two mom’s faces were filled with smiling sunshine. Kara Killin, a Quality of Life stakeholder, and Caty Fetchett, a Housekeeping stakeholder, gave birth to boys this year.

Both of these moms still on leave of absence, they brought their infants up to the weekly Monday Worship Experience provided by Chaplain/Director of Spirituality Mark Mills. After singing a few praise and worship songs, Chaplain Mark led the congregation of residents and stakeholders in blessing and presenting these babies.

Following worship, most of the residents had opportunity to cuddle the boys, bridging generations as well as the traditional separation between residents and staff. The event brought tears to many eyes and smiles all around, encouraging the feeling that everyone at Signature Healthcare of Warren, staff as well as residents, are one, large family.