Ash Wednesday Continues Efforts to Meet Spiritual Needs

warren ash

Signature Healthcare of Warren held an Ash Wednesday service today led by Mark Mills, chaplain, our director of spirituality. Early in the day, volunteers from Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church came through the facility to distribute ashes in the sign of the cross to all who wished to receive them. Chaplain Mark had ashes again available for those present at the service.

This was the third Ash Wednesday service in this home to be led by Chaplain Mark and continues the tradition of meeting the spiritual needs of our elders in the way and preference of each individual. Elders following a Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, or another spiritual tradition in which Ash Wednesday is observed were able to continue their spiritual practice.

Chaplain Mark also ensures that at Signature Healthcare of Warren, all important holy days for any spiritual tradition followed by one or more elders is observed. Elders participated in a Christmas Eve service recently and are looking forward to a Maundy Thursday service just before Easter. Easter will be a blessed celebration as well. Other observances come up during the year as appropriate.

All of this is a growing effort to ensure that no matter what an individual’s spiritual tradition or preference may be, providing that it is complimentary to Signature’s values of Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Patience, Positivity, and Compassion, every effort will be made for them to practice it as if they were at home. If you would like to contact Chaplain Mark to discuss spiritual care, email him at